Flexible Employee Parking.

Find out how you can easily give your whole team access to your company parking spaces

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Park up to 50% more cars in the same number of spaces

With FlexiPark you can grant parking access to your entire team so spaces can be efficiently used as and when they are needed instead of just by the ones with the physical access cards. Give your team the tools they need to arrive at the office focused and ready to be productive.

Assign permanent spaces for certain people so the CEO always has access. Put the remaining parking spaces into a pool so the rest of the team have flexible access.

The FlexiPark Technology can seamlessly integrate with your existing barriers, drastically reducing costs, and eliminating the need to upgrade or replace your parking systems.

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YallaParking are trusted by some of the largest companies in the UAE

Whether you have a team of 10 or 10,000, FlexiPark will transform their daily office commute.

Fun Facts

  • Access cards last about as long as a piece of lettuce if left in the UAE summer sun for too long

  • It is common to be charged AED 250 for loosing one of these babies however, they actually cost about 0.73 fills

  • RFID access cards were invented in 1973 and have not changed much since

  • RFID cards can be cloned with an $11 device available on ebay

Use Cases

Where does FlexiPark work best?

Single Tenant Tower

Distribute empty spaces to staff in need, ensuring parking is available to them when they are at the office. They will love you for it and be able to focus on doing great work.

Multi-Tenanted Tower

Install Flexi Park at your tower and give your entire community the best possible parking experience. You will essentially be able to offer tenants more parking per sq foot. A total gamechanger.

One Office, School or Gym

We can install Flexi Park just for your office so your team can benefit. Our system is flexible and can work in conjunction with a pre-existing system so other tenants will not be affected.

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